The Invisible Enemy
In this new suspense thriller by Steve Jaffe, The Invisible Enemy, current events explode on the fictional page in a terrifying ride toward the ultima
Count Your Life With Smiles, Not Tears, Plus Journam - Synopsis
The hardest thing for people to resolve is taking full responsibility for their lives…we blame others or external situations for not having or getting what we want. We measure our misery by our tears and forget to remember the smiles that, if recognized, can make us feel whole…Count Your Life With Smiles, Not Tears is a facilitator, a tool to helping you obtain goals that you have had problems achieving in the past. This book will help you avoid the debilitating excuses that have prevented you from accomplishing the greatness of the true person you are.

Depression, headaches, insomnia, skin conditions: these and so many more medical problems can often be directly related to stress. And so often it is the way in which we carry our problems, introverting them, avoiding them, even denying them, that does the most damage.

Steve Jaffe's wife's bout with breast cancer and his own struggle with heart disease led him to seriously contemplate his life-a contemplation that found release in the pages of his journal in both the form of rhythm poetry and prose. Recognizing the power of journaling, Steve set out to share these healing techniques in his book, Count Your Life With Smiles, Not Tears: An Interactive Journaling Technique for Tackling Life's Challenges. An invaluable tool for anyone dealing with both ordinary and extraordinary problems life has to offer.
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