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The Architect's Manifesto Ebook - Synopsis
Smart and unstoppable, Paige Turner, an investigative reporter, is sucked into a conspiracy that if not exposed, would forever change how the United States will govern itself. A wealthy man, known as the Architect, is using his influence and money to help him become the next Emperor of the United States.
The Architect is determined to achieve his life-long dream, and he will not let anything stand in his way. When Paige discovers his Manifesto and what he has planned for the country she loves, she does what she does best, investigate and expose the news on her weekly TV show.
When Turner is ready to reveal who the Architect is and his plan, people close to her begin to turn up dead. As the clock ticks down toward the final stage of the manifesto, Paige has one last-ditch effort left to stop the next Emperor and save the United States.

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