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The Stranger I Came To Love EBook - Synopsis
The Stranger I Came to Love, Steve Jaffe’s Novel, is not a love story!

Marc and Nora Richards have what seems like the perfect marriage. Sadly, what people see is Nora’s façade; not Marc’s pain. What has been a twenty-five-year prison sentence for Marc, is about to end. Believing that death would be better than another day living with Nora, he packs a suitcase and leaves.

Breaking free of his wife’s hold is not easy and Marc senses that his life will be in danger if he attempts to divorce her. Since leaving, his life is spinning out of control. He is having recurring blackouts and people close to him are being brutally beaten. Marc cannot account for his time during the attacks and he becomes the prime suspect.

A mysterious letter ignites Marc’s subconscious, memories of a past life filled with murder, pain, and sorrow surface. Paranoia begins to overwhelm him. Nora seems to be connected to a secret that has been buried inside Marc for a long time.

When a stranger appears, someone familiar yet frightening, he begins to find the strength he never had—and Marc Richards begins to take control of his life.


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