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God's Looking Glass Ebook - Synopsis
A rogue vigilante group, who call themselves The Family, have become outraged with the evil that plagues the world and have begun their own extermination of all the terrorist groups that threaten world peace. No one is safe from their brutal justice as they show their power using an unknown biological weapon that kills with lightning speed. Leading scientists and intelligence agencies around the world are working 24/7 attempting to determine what type of chemical is being used, but are coming up empty.

Who is The Family? Some factions believe that God has come back to rid the world of evil, and others believe a new form of terrorist group is out there being judge, jury, and executioner. However, The Family's message is clear: All world powers will have thirty days to destroy all their nuclear and biological weapons or face extermination. The second part of The Family's demands are that all males around the globe participate in their cleansing program or face severe punishment.

While the world watches in fear and confusion, The Family chooses two unlikely messengers to spread their word: Katie O'Riley a weapons broker for the worst terrorists around the globe and Robert Phillips, a police chief from Springs River, Nevada. When Katie and Robert finally meet, they soon discover that they have a shocking connection. As they begin to work with The Family, they start to realize that this group has more than just one agenda and that they have now become the world's only hope for salvation.

Steve Jaffe, with his third novel, has once again written a page-turning, roller-coaster ride of a story that will have you puzzled about your faith, as well as questioning the real agenda of The Family.

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