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The Architect’s Manifesto is a nail-biting roller-coaster ride that will test your faith in your government and the men and women you’ve elected to re
Children with Invisible Faces Ebook - Synopsis
Children with Invisible Faces, a chilling suspense thriller by Steve Jaffe, is a fast-paced story that is not that far from the truth.

Each year in the United States thousands of children under the authority of their state's foster care programs are turning up missing. They are forgotten, somewhat invisible, and missing. They are not getting reported to the authorities until weeks, even after months go by, causing the trail to become cold. A man, only known around the world as the Pied Piper is taking responsibility. The notes he leaves for the FBI are arrogant, boasting that he's giving these children a better life, away from their abusive parents and an uncaring foster care system.

An old rumor that plagued the United States seventeen years ago, the sale of baby organs, has reared its ugly head. While the Pied Piper, acting like his counter part in the famous child's fable, is bragging about the charity he's doing, Deputy Director, Robert Evans of the FBI knows better. Reports from Interpol and his own agency are flaring up that infant organs are again being sold at an alarming rate and it is believed they are coming from the missing foster care infants.

As Evans continues to get closer to apprehending the Pied Piper, more and more of his agents are being targeted for death, along with their family members, while the sociopath abducts the agents' children. The Pied Piper is now making his game personal. From harbors in San Diego, New York, and Miami, to cities in Guatemala and Austria, the hunt is on to end the reign of terror of the Pied Piper and his human trafficking cartel.

Little does Deputy Director Robert Evans know that something he was part of seventeen years earlier has become the motivating force, a personal vendetta by the Pied Piper, against him and his men. When Evans receives a note after one of his agents is brutally murdered telling him that time is running out and that the Pied Piper is going to retire and disappear, the rules have to change for Evans or he'll never capture the man he's grown to hate.

The Pied Piper has one last game to play with Evans that will forever change the lives of everyone close to him. The clock is ticking and the FBI, especially Evans, has no clue as to the identity of The Pied Piper.
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