The Invisible Enemy
In this new suspense thriller by Steve Jaffe, The Invisible Enemy, current events explode on the fictional page in a terrifying ride toward the ultima
The Invisible Enemy - 1st Chapter

President Rawlings was furious that Operation Genesis had become stagnated. He was riding a political high after winning the war on terrorism. He needed the Genesis project to carry out his final campaign promise: bring home all military personnel from around the world. He looked at the Joint Chiefs, his CIA Director, FBI Director, Homeland Security Director and Chief of Staff, and scowled.

“What the fuck is happening?” He shouted, his normally calm demeanor exploding. The men that knew about this secret mission were speechless. They knew the reason, but were afraid to be the first to bear the unwelcome news.

Rawlings had a blank stare as the Situation Room had become silent. He started thinking about President Bush who had started the wars with radical Muslims, and how President Obama had tried to destabilize them. Now, he was at the apex of ending America’s entire military machine that policed every corner of the globe and based on the expressions he was staring at he knew something was terribly wrong.

For the first time in decades, he was putting every American citizen’s tax dollars to beneficial use: building a strong economy and making the United States safe.

For President Rawlings, this project meant everything and nothing was going to stop him from achieving his legacy. He knew if he could truly say “Mission Accomplished”, it would elevate him to the top of America’s list of greatest Presidents.

How he was accomplishing his goal, did not abide by America’s ideals. It did not matter to him. He knew that the Muslim world, the one filled with fanatics that wanted every Westerner dead, had to be dealt with a Harry Truman final solution attitude. Unfortunately, the peaceful side of Islam refused verbally to condemn or take action against their fanatical brothers, only making Rawlings decision even more difficult.

During his run for the presidency, the country on the brink of bankruptcy, as well as the political environment in ruins, Rawlings, a non-democrat and non-republican was truly an independent politician hell-bent on fixing the United States. He promised to cut the defense budget drastically, change the tax laws for the rich and curtail unnecessary spending. He vowed that with the support he had from his independent majority in the house and senate he would, balance the budget within his first two years. Once that took effect, he believed he would create enough surplus in revenues to reduce the nation’s deficit by seventy-five percent. President Rawlings could see his vision materializing, all due to Operation Genesis.

He knew that his promises were big and bold. That they had no easy solution, but with Operation Genesis operational, America had once again become the most feared military power and not one American solider would ever again lose his or her life defending the United States.

Rawlings was pleased that Obama saved the country from depression, got the economy moving in a positive direction, but would not take the hard steps to win the war on terrorism. His administration kept fighting the war in Afghanistan, which did not have an endgame, and had become involved in new conflicts, in the Middle East. His failure was that he did not have the guts to cut off the head of the snake that kept striking and killing Americans around the world.

President Obama had been briefed on Operation Genesis, but like water boarding, he shelved it, believing his foreign diplomacy would bring the world together and make America respected around the world. Unfortunately, it did not work, and President Rawlings had no choice but to make some difficult decisions to make the United States, and to make all Americans once again safe.

Immediately, after taking office, Rawlings initiated Operation Genesis. It had become his brainchild and most important, it had the Joint Chief’s full support. It went against the moral fabric of America, but Rawlings did not care. Americans continued to die around the world and he was not going to take it anymore.

He was fighting a different war against a race of people who needed war to keep their followers motivated. Rawlings knew in his heart that Arabs, after fighting for thousands of years, did not have in their DNA the ability or even the desire to live in peace—revenge and killing was what motivated them to get up in the morning and go to sleep at night—for every Muslim it was about to change.

It was difficult for President Rawlings to put aside his beliefs in human life, but when it came to the fanatical Muslim problem, he was convinced that they were not God’s children and needed to be exterminated at all costs. His plan was simple: cut off the head of the snake and its offspring’s. Before midnight on his first day in office, Operation Genesis had its first success.

During Rawlings first six months in office, fifteen drones, all operated out of a secret location in Arlington Virginia, had dispersed a new undetectable chemical over four known terrorist training camps in Pakistan, Syria, Somalia and Iran that incapacitated the enemy. Then, the Army’s Special Op’s division swooped in to eliminate every target without any loss of American or civilian lives. When all the non-combatants regained consciousness, they would discover that the terrorists who occupied their villages were all murdered. Over five thousand terrorists had been killed, along with some of Al-Qaeda’s top leaders, and the world had no clue what or who was causing their deaths. Terrorist groups were seeing thousands of defections, as their ignorant and uneducated followers went into hiding believing that Allah was angry with them for what they were doing.

President Rawlings after making the difficult decision to exterminate the Muslim enemy believed that once that was accomplished the world would re-boot and peace would finally be achieved during his administration. The beauty of Operation Genesis was that the chemical used went undetected and the United States military who did not take credit for the killings, allowed the rumors in the international media to build them up as the most feared war machine in the world.

Rawlings brought his thoughts back to the present. “My fucking goal is to pursue Al-Qaeda and every radical Muslim terrorist group to every hiding place, every hole in the ground they hide in, to continue to disrupt their operations and to fucking wipe them off this fucking planet,” he barked his face beet red. “Can all of you in this room assure me that we have really won, that we have defeated Al-Qaeda? Can I tell that to every American?” He let out a loud sigh, seeing the blank stares on the CIA Director and FBI Director faces. Rawlings, gripping a paper weigh almost threw it at Eugene Buckley his Secretary of Homeland Security who appeared to be napping. He just slammed the round blown piece of glass on his desk, which got everyone’s attention.

Chief of Staff Chuck Jamison, his face knotted with concern, spoke. “Mister President, what we’ve accomplished is unprecedented. Every terrorist cell, in every hotspot around the globe, is scattering. They are disorganized, as well as demoralized that Allah has abandoned them. We’ve won,” he said smiling. Operation Genesis can be put to sleep. It did the job and we should bury the program and chemical before it leaks out that we’ve created a new biological weapon.”

CIA director Michael Jones sat up in his chair, nodding his head in agreement with Jamison. “Counterterrorism is the CIA’s primary mission and by all indications the bad guys are on the run. They have no leader to look upon for direction. We’re working with our partners across the world in intelligence, in law enforcement and the military so we can better monitor any new evolving threat. Right now it’s very quiet,” he said looking at President Rawlings. “I’ve never seen it this quiet.”

The president bit his lower lip, nodding ever so slowly. He knew the CIA director well enough to sense he was not telling him everything. “Gentlemen, I want to believe the War on Terrorism is over. What if we keep our little mission alive for a few more months, and take out some of the secondary terrorist cells and continue to scare the holy shit out of every fanatical Muslim around the globe? I still have six months before all of our military units are scheduled to come home.”

Army General Charlie Dawson, commander of the Special Operations Division carrying out Operation Genesis, stood and began walking around the Oval Office, his hands clasped behind his back. His voice had a deep loud tone as he addressed the room. “Mister President, I command an organization with a clear objective: to protect the American people. Operation Genesis has been our biggest military success since World War II when we dropped those two god-dammed bombs on Japan. The war ended then and with Operation Genesis under our belts, the War on Terrorism is just about over. That was the mission my men signed on to defend and defend we did. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. The DNA of our great nation has not been altered. It has adapted. We are still the greatest country in the world and once again the most feared and respected,” General Dawson said with perfect timing. He completed his little pep talk just as his rear touched down on in his chair.

FBI director Brad Billings clapped excessively before he spoke. “I’m in agreement with all of you. The War on Terrorism is practically over. What I’d really like is to borrow a few of the drones we’ve used so I can settle some scores with a few of our own homegrown terrorist groups. We have a large hidden militia around the our country planning attacks as we speak. I’d feel so much better and it would make our country safe again. Maybe disperse the chemical at our borders, knock out the smugglers and illegals and either lock them up or make them disappear. A few months of that and no one would want to cross into our country illegally.” He knew he was just joking, however he was hoping the president would give him the go-ahead anyway. When no one even laughed, he just shrugged his shoulders. “Just wishing. We should close down the Los Alamos facility. Lock up this weapon where no one will ever find it.”

President Rawlings raised his hand like a traffic cop. “Let’s all be serious for just a moment. As a free society, we still need to grapple with how best to show the world and our citizens that our fight against terrorists in no way tramples on our democratic principles. We need to keep the dialogue active. We cannot allow ourselves to become complacent and have another 9/11 shock our country. If all of you agree that we can close the book on Operation Genesis, then so be it. Just bury it somewhere so it won’t come out for over a hundred years. Am I clear?” Rawlings said and dismissed everyone, except Jamison.

* * * * *

“Chuck,” the president said. “I need to be very clear with you about this. Our conflict with Al-Qaeda is not over. While they might be down, they are not so easy a group to kill. They continue to be hard to find and because of that, they are quick to regenerate. I need you to keep a tight rein on director’s Jones and Billings. They’ve fucked up things before and look what happened on September 11. I want you to personally monitor how and where the chemical is stored. It needs to be more secure than Fort Knox. Fox, CNN and MSNBC are all looking for something to get on me. If Operation Genesis leaks out, we are all through. Keep feeding WNN with our progress. They are our only friends in the media.”

“Sir, don’t worry. Billings and Jones both know how important all of this is.” Jamison bit his lower lip¯he had more to add to their conversation, but didn’t know where to begin. Rawlings saw his constipated look.

“Chuck, spill it out. You have something to add?”

Jamison took a deep breath. “It’s the border issue, sir. We are behind on getting Operation Closed Borders up and running, as well as safe. There’s been a few glitches during our testing phase. Three more illegal’s died. This time it was a family with a little child.”

Rawlings did not seem too upset with the news. “They should have read the fucking signs. Can’t they even read Spanish?”

“Mister President, if you want the Hispanic vote next time I suggest you put your laser fence on hold and maybe reconsider using Operation Genesis until after you are re-elected. I know you won’t use the drones, so let me call the Secretary of Homeland Security and tell him to back off on the laser fence for a few years.”

Rawlings seemed lost in thought. He waved off his Chief of Staff. “Fine. Just until after my re-election. Before I am out of office, I want to have secured our borders and made our country safe from all outsiders. Now go and leave me alone,” he said annoyed.

President Rawlings after Jamison left the Situation Room, walked back to the Oval Office and opened his left side desk draw, pulling out his bottle of B&B, snifter, and a Cuban cigar. He swiveled in his chair and glanced out his window. He stood and walked over to the Great Seal, stood there for a moment, taking in the significance of where he was standing, realizing that he would be forever known as the president who ended the war on terrorism and brought true peace to a troubled world. He took a few steps and sat down on one of the two white couches in his office.

He needed some time to worry. Something he did all-to-well on his own. He didn’t trust this CIA director and knew his FBI director was too weak to go against Michael Jones. As he sipped this drink and felt the warm liquid coat his throat, he lit his cigar and closed his eyes, praying that he’d get through this next year without any scandals.

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