The Invisible Enemy
In this new suspense thriller by Steve Jaffe, The Invisible Enemy, current events explode on the fictional page in a terrifying ride toward the ultima

About Steve

About Steve Jaffe

For those who know me personally, you understand my passion for writing.  I just never realized how much I would love sitting down and weaving a tale that was filled with a lot of fact and just enough fiction to keep me out of litigation.  Having over thirty-five years experience caught up in the corporate structure of American business, has provided me enough "fodder" for some very interesting stories and characters.


My fervor for writing opened up other portals for me and allowed for the creation of The Mind Diet Group. A series of book where I help people learn positive stress reduction techniques using writing as a tool. I have five books in my Mind Diet Series and when I can slow down from writing fiction, I have a few more books to add to that series.


Presently, I have five published novels and new novel one the way. My new novel will be a sequel to my last novel: The Invisible Enemy.  Projected release date around December, 2015. 


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Presently, I live with my wife Nancy in Palm Desert, California, enjoying the relaxing desert lifestyle as well as golfing, running a new business venture, and traveling, when I am not writing.    

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